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Smart Lighting System

It can adjust the brightness and color of the light. The ambience light makes your life sweeter.

Smart Lamp Control

The lamps can be partially or fully switched on and off. Smarter operation brings easier life.

Smart Scene System

One-key enter the specific light scene. Different scene lights can be realized by app.


Smart Curtain System

Curtains can be controlled in a smart way. You don’t have to draw the curtains. By simplified operation, elegant life gets started.

Infrared Control System

The cellphone can achieve the functionality of remote control and comprehensive management. Once arriving home, the cellphone becomes the remote.

Smart A/V System

Background music, home theater, video and audio light scene control are switched on to enjoy the cinematic effect at home.

Video Doorbell System

Yodaar cloud doorbell is the initiative creation of video doorbell and background music system in the industry, creating a singing video music doorbell.

Smart security and protection system

The combination and linkage of door lock, door magnetic contact, human infrared sensor, cloud doorbell and camera etc, protects the house.

Far Infrared Smart Underfloor Heating System

Far infrared heating, high thermal efficiency, Energy-efficient, comfortable and safe.

Cellphone remote control, warmth in the house