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Y8 Central Smart Background Music System

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Cloud music: massive copyright music

Centralized control, 

One system 

can satisfy the different music

requirement from 8 rooms

One-key party, rock the party

Each room can control the power, sound source, music

selection, volume independently. Each room only needs

an extra control panel. 

Cellphone pushing

AirPlay, QPlay and DLNA are supported. The

smart phone can push the music in various apps

to the background music system. By exclusive

app operation, each space can enjoy the

independent music screamed by cellphone.

Professional cloud music platform is built in.

You can enjoy enormous internet source.

The music library is updated real-time.

There’s no need to download third party music app,

which avoids the system lagging and crash and

provides stability and security. 

Link with smart home

live a smarter life

When updated, it can be linked with third party

smart home appliance, which creates a smarter

life experience.

Y8 Central Smart

Background Music System

Good sound quality

more professional

Unlike the unprofessional

background music solutions in the

market, Yodaar adopts the complete

high-fidelity solution – “sound

source – transmission –

amplification – reproduction”, which

guarantees the bright treble, well-

balanced midrange and deep bass

and gives surrounded stereo.

Closed OS, No lagging

Self-developed system makes everything controllable and closed

system naturally  provides anti-virus functionality. Also, there’s no

lagging or crash. The system is more stable and the operation is

smoother; lifespan reaches more than 5 years. The power reaches

100W, which guarantees the whole background music system

stable, and provides deep and strong bass. 

Built-in Cloud Music Library  Rich Music Source

Accurate categorization

and recommendation




Product Name:Y8 Central Smart Background Music System



Product Name:3-inch control panel



Product Name:5-inch control panel

Product Model:  YO-5051T

Weight: <300g
Touch screen: G+G 5-point capacitive screen

Dimension:140mm(L)*86mm(W)* 10mm(H)
Cutout Dimension:133mm(L)*75mm(W)*47mm(H)




Product Name: Circular Speaker



Audio Source: Cloud music, internet radio, AUX, DVD, FM, USB
Protocols Supported:  AirPlay/DLNA/Qplay

Audio Format: MP3/WAV




Independent control in each room: yes              

One host can satisfy the whole family, simple and

graceful. There’s no need to install the host in each

room; one host can satisfy the whole house, which is

graceful. The buttons on the host can control the power,

sound source, volume of each zone. 

Editor-selected and categorized

quality music will save time for

you. Now it’s much easier to

choose the same genre.

elegant and graceful

Cellphone App Control: Yes

TCP/IP,RS485 Protocol: yes

one-key switch to Party mode - each room will play the same

music instantly. Free the passion, enjoy the party.

Touch screen control: Yes 

System upgradable: yes

Multi-zone independent audio source: 1-way

Recommended Power:  15-25W

Fixed impedance:  8Ω

Sensitivity: 87dB

Frequency Range: 69Hz~20KHz

Resonant Frequency:  69Hz~20KHz


Cutout Dimension: 204mm

Dimension: 240mm(D)*84mm(H)

Product Model: YO-C6102

Operating temperature range -10℃~40℃

Operating temperature range: -10℃~40℃

Power Amplifier: 4-way independent power amplifier

Static Power: <1.5W

Working voltage: 220V~,50Hz

Max power: 400W

Weight: <7kg

Dimension:430mm(L)*380mm(W)* 95mm(H)

Material: aircraft grade aluminum

Color: Black and white

Product Model:YO-Y8

Working voltage:  5V ~12V

Operating temperature range: -10℃~40℃

Static Power: <0.5W

Resolution: 800 x 480

Product Model: YO-4028T

Weight: <300g

Working voltage: 5V

Operating temperature range: -10℃~40℃

Static Power: <2.5W

Material: aluminium alloy

Resolution: 640 Thousand true colors


Cutout Dimension: 86mm(L)*86mm(W)*40mm(H)

Shell color: classic black, Auspicious red, pearl

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Y6 Central Smart Background Music System